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AUDITIONS - Wonderland Wives

Posted on Oct 18, 2022 by Buddy Thomas


Sunday 6th November from 10am at the MADC Clubrooms, St Venera 

Wonderland Wives by Buddy Thomas 

Conceived by Buddy Thomas & Philip A. Poluliah 

Directed by Francesca Briffa

At the MADC Playhouse, St Venera 21/22/23 & 28/29/30 April 2023

AUDITION DATE - Sunday 6th November from 10am at the MADC Clubrooms, St Venera 


Cincerella’s Prince Charming is serving ten years in the pen.  Belle’s house is overrun with little monsters, Alice has been hitting the caterpillar’s pipe a little too hard lately, and Snow White’s husband has shacked up with the three little pigs.  When Briar Rose comes home from rehab with the face of a beauty, and Charming returns from prison with the libido of a beast, the desperate housewives of the magical kingdom are forced to grapple with princely infidelity and poison apples.  This fractured fairy tale brings an arched brow and an eye for dark, sexy hilarity to the Ever After that keeps going long after the Happily fades away.


Character List:

Actor 1 - SNOW - Female - late 30’s to late 40’s 

Actor 2 - BELLE - Male - mid 20’s and upwards 

Actor 3 - CINDY - Male - mid 20’s and upwards

Actor 4 - ROSE (aka Sleeping Beauty) - Female - mid 20’s to late 30’s

Actor 5 - BRUCE/BEAST & CHARMING - Male - mid 20’s and upwards

Actor 6 - FAIRY GODMOTHER, ALICE, MAGIC MIRROR & QUEEN - Male - mid 20’s and upwards 


Auditions for MADC’s production of ‘Wonderland Wives’ by Buddy Thomas, will be held on Sunday 6th November 2022 from 10am at the MADC Clubrooms, St Venera.  To book your audition slot please send an email to by Friday 4th November, with the name of the role/s you are interested in auditioning for.  You will then be forwarded a couple of pages from the script for you to familiarise yourselves with for the audition.