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Radio Revisited - Listen to it all here!

Posted on Jun 14, 2015 by Francesca Briffa


Saturday 1st November 2014 at 7:30pm

The MADC Clubrooms, St. Venera.


An evening of short radio plays performed on stage as they were when first broadcast.

Conceived and directed by Colin Willis and Chris Hudson

Part 1

Part 2


Sherlock Holmes; the Adventure of the Tolling Bell

Watson and Holmes are resting in a quiet village when they discover that a murder mystery is afoot!


The Cast:

Announcer:        Polly March        Mrs. Michol:        Aleksandra Andrea

Watson:       Chris Hudson    Gillian:        Toby von Brockdorff

Holmes:        John Marinelli     Tom:             Joe Depasquale

Mary:            Becky d’Ugo       Mrs. Lackland:    Mira Bharwani




Flash Gordon; Episode 1.

Racing high above the earth, comfortably seated in a giant airliner, Flash Gordon, internationally famous athlete, looks admiringly across the aisle at Dale Arden, the lovely young companion of his air voyage. The minds of both are intent on the terrible destruction which for many months has been approaching the Earth with terrific speed; the new planet, hurtling through space directly in the path of the Earth. Suddenly there's a violent jar…………………………………


The Cast:

Announcer:         Polly March            Ming:        Toby von Brockdorff

Flash:             John Marinelli          Zarkov:    Joe Depasquale

Dale:            Aleksandra Andrea        Thun:        Chris Hudson

Princess Aura:    Becky d’Ugo            Slave:        Mira Bharwani




Flash Gordon; Episode 2

In the last episode, Flash Gordon and Dale Arden were locked in a battle to save the Earth from destruction, and became marooned on the planet, called Mongo. Here, they tangled with the Emperor, Ming the Merciless, only narrowly escaping death! Now, we continue the story……………


The Cast:        

Announcer:         Polly March            Zarkov:     Joe Depasquale

Flash:             John Marinelli        Zogi:         Mira Bharwani

Dale:             Aleksandra Andrea         Barin:        Chris Hudson

Princess Aura:    Becky D’Ugo            Guard:    Toby von Brockdorff

Ming:            Toby von Brockdorff    Captain:    Joe Depasquale




Rinse the Blood Off My Toga

Flavius Maximus is a private Roman Eye.  His licence number is IXIVLLCCVIXMV – which also comes in handy as an eye chart.  He’s going to tell us about the Julius Caesar caper which all began during the Ides of March.


The Cast:

Announcer:        Polly March

Flavius:        John Marinerlli

Brutus:        Toby von Brockdorff

Calpurnia:         Mira Bharwani

Cicero, Sergeant,

Senator:      Chris Hudson



The Crew:

Sound Effects:     Kate Hudson

Sound Technician:    Nanette Brimmer

Props:        Rachel Galea

Audio Engineer:    Chris Gatt

Social Team:    Francesca Briffa

            Alexander Gatesy Lewis

             Josette Gatesy Lewis

            Silvana Sant’Angelo